I have worked and studied in many different places, ranging from Harvard to Capitol Hill, and Becky is one of the most dedicated individuals I have worked with. Becky is deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She is truly an expert in the field who has an extensive, well-connected network of individuals and organizations dedicated to inclusion and building diversity in the workforce. Becky is also extremely well-spoken, and has extensive experience presenting to groups on the benefits and challenges of building a diverse workforce.
— Placed Fortune 500 Candidate
Diversity and inclusion are wide-ranging and complex paradigms for any professional to understand much less act effectively upon to address, yet Becky’s talent lies in her ability to bring the ‘big picture’ to life by helping her clients really understand the importance of how a corporate culture that supports the ‘individual vignettes’ of diversity and inclusion that happen each and every day can build upon those foundations to achieve broader organizational goals around diversity and inclusion that at first may seem daunting.
— Fortune 500 Client