Diverse Talent Solutions© (DTS) is a unique independent consultancy that provides organizations with the customized, scalable and culture-centric talent solutions needed to close the diverse talent gap.


DTS'© mission is to close the diverse talent gap-permanently.


DTS' vision is to revolutionize the way companies source, attract, recruit and onboard diverse talent by providing clients with the practical strategies, training and modeling to take this work in house. 

Why DTS?

The number one reason to work with DTS is its mission, which is the driving force behind its personalized, solution-based approach. Backed by decades of experience working with and in diverse communities and in the field, DTS is the only consultancy to offer clients the practical, long-term solutions needed to solve today's complex diverse talent challenges. DTS also stands apart from others by:

  • Starting with data to create informed and strategic solutions
  • Designing culture-specific, iterative and scalable models
  • Partnering exclusively with InclusionINC™ to offer clients additional options to address the full employee lifecycle, which includes, but is not limited to: company-wide training, inclusion scorecards and metrics

With a bold vision, DTS seeks clients who are:

  • Committed to making progress in the diverse talent space
  • Dedicated to both the attraction and retention of diverse talent
  • Open to new ideas, approaches and ways of working

Sound like a good match? Ready for a change? Then, contact DTS today!